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Importance of Regular Eye Exam

Undoubtedly, your eye sight is the most precious thing and you would want it to be maintained the way it is. Any changes in your vision can be problematic and must be dealt by a specialist.

The importance of regular eye exam cannot be undermined in this respect. You must get your eyes examined by a reputed and experienced eye doctor near me to rule out any problems.

The importance of regular eye exam can be gauged from the fact that any problems can be dealt with when they are in their initial stage.

Here are other reasons that cite the importance of regular eye exam

  1. Ensure that the vision is fine

Children and adults alike are exposed to increased screen time these days. Children are unable to know whether they are losing their vision or facing eye problems initially. It is only when things are worsening that they realize this.

Only a regular and annual eye exam will help you know whether you child is facing any eye problems or not. With blurred vision or any other eye related problem, your child will not be able to perform well in school.

It is thereby essential to get regular eye exam of your child by a specialist eye doctor near me to help them do good at school.

  1. Nearsightedness is common

Myopia or nearsightedness is becoming very common these days. Children are getting myopic at a very young age mostly because of too much screen time.

It is essential to get the problem checked and corrected early as children that are nearsighted will see their condition worsening as they grow up. They are at a greater risk of being inflicted by vision threatening eye conditions like retinal detachment, cataract and glaucoma, later in life.

  1. Vision Screening is different from an eye exam

Some people are consoled by the fact that since they passed the vision screening test, they are not at any risk. However, vision screening is not a substitute for an eye exam.

A comprehensive eye exam by an experienced eye doctor near me will ensure that you are not facing any vision problems.

The optometrist will check out your vision and rule out any possibilities of further eye degeneration or problems later.

  1. Know about other health issues

The eye exam will not only reveal any problem with the eye but also indicate towards any other health problem like diabetes and high blood pressure.

The retina has blood vessels which indicate the health of the blood vessels of the entire body. Therefore any issues with these blood vessels will indicate about the problem in the body.

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