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Management of Shingles pain

Shingles is an extremely painful form of rash usually caused following infection by virus, called Herpes zoster. It appears in the form of a rash as cluster of blisters in any part of the body.  The treatment of shingles pain is not only requires antiviral medication and pain killers to relieve the extreme pain but also need high degree of hygiene maintenance.

Though with antiviral medication blister disappear yet pain in affected part of body persists for longer period and may lead to Post-Herpetic Neuralgia (PHN). PHN causes continuous pain, numbness of affected area and can cause permanent damage to the nerve. Treatment at Specialist Pain International (SPI), a multi-specialty pain management clinic Singapore, with anesthetic plasters, interventions in the form of nerve blocks or spinal cord stimulation may help alleviate PHN.

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